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eBay blues

This Is Life: Delivery


Life deals with us
in small
and large packages.

Some surprises are
wonderful and some
are not.

While we tend to
blame the
delivery boy
when things go

“Hey, that package
is not mine!”

What was the
last Fed Ex
package you

Mine wasn’t exactly
what I wanted,

“That wasn’t what I
ordered from eBay?”

Truthfully, I didn’t
read the disclosure.

It was there to read.

I just fell in love
with the picture.

The picture described
what I wanted, visually.

But, the words told
me everything I needed
to know.

Although, I
didn’t read them. I
neglected my part.

Now, I want to kill
the messenger.

The innocent always
suffer for the
wrongs of the negligent.