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There’s a unique dance one
has with new books.
It’s always the same
you read a few pages
Perhaps the story isn’t gripping.
I’ll give it a few more turns.
If the book is good
I dive in.
If not, I put it down
and move to the next—
Can I cut in?
and continue to dance.

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Flickering Candle



The palm tree and wind
Are intimate friends.

They play
Off each other in a
Lighthearted yet romantic dance.

It reminds me of a

While one leads, the other
Bends, and how the palm tree
shimmers in delight—swayed
And moved with such wind-swept ease;
Returning, only
To be touched and lovingly embrace again.

Beauty And Dismay | The Dance Of Life

One morning I woke up
My father was no
longer with Me.

I could no longer hold
his hand or hear
his voice in the
land of the living.

The realization hit me,
death had
become plausible, a
tangible reality.

Questions about immortality—
The idea of eternity,
I couldn’t shake
Off anymore.

Would I see my father again?

What does eternity mean?

Was heaven made for men?

Can a subtle change
in thought, in that
Eternal place
make a difference
in ones life?

One day in eternity
matters not
When it has no end
or no consequences!

That’s why:

We live in fear of death,
Because death is a
constant hourglass.

We live in fear of death,
Because every subtle decision
We make has a result.

We live in fear of death,
Because it reminds us of the
Plan we won’t be able to realize.

It is only through the
understanding of
death and only death,
that we comprehend

The dance between
Beauty and dismay.