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On Hapiness and Suffering—Poem

Nietzsche left his prestigious professorship at Basel
to dedicate himself to writing
his home became the Swiss Alps
His philosophy effused with mountain air,
he began to suffer.

Writing brings its form of tribulation,
There’s no money in it,
food and clothing becomes scarce.
there’s a mental battle—stress that comes
from the need to survive and
the desire for creativity.

Art is not easy to create:
not the kind that changes history,
not the kind that moves humanity;
many travel the road, but few come out
on the other side, because as the
hardships arise they lose
their motivation.

His philosophy was shaped
by the understanding that
life gives us moments of
euphoria and adversity.

They’re twin sisters—
two distinct notes
that should be used in order
to compose beautiful and
meaningful music.

An artist that perceives
the importance of
pleasure and distress
who doesn’t eschew one
for another, Nietzsche
believes—has a greater
chance to to make lasting
and memorable art.


I’m a teacher,
I’ve always felt like one.

I enjoy helping others;

Assisting discovery,
brings me pleasure and
insurmountable joy.

When I first walked into
my new classroom,
the smell of creativity
permeated the air.

I got a dose of it.
It went straight into
my lungs, it

spoke majestical
thoughts to
my brain,

and exploded at
the tip of every
follicle of hair.

It jettisoned me back
to my early days
at the Art Institute,
Somehow I knew
I’d walked into right place…

And, ever-since I met
my new students,
It’s been that way—
“creativity galore.”

I only wish I had a
blackboard instead
of two white ones…

There’s something
about a blackboard
and chalk drawings
that screams—
old school,

Less Is More


Picasso implied, that
giving someone
too many colors,
was detrimental
to their creativity.

I agree, now that
I’ve experienced

Its very difficult,
to make decisions
when we have too many
Crayolas, at our

“Give them three colors”,
I told my wife,
much to her chagrin.

“A famous artist
recommended that,
less is more.”

Less is more, is
the quintessential
lesson in life.