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Stanislaus County


I remember while
still a child,
we’d head east
Pacheco Pass.

On a another
road trip.

The slumber
of summer felt
in the warm
dry air.

Me, in the backseat
with my sisters
staring out
the window
of my fathers car.

sights of the
yellow sunburnt hills.
then the deep
blue of
San Luis

were forever
imprinted in
the recess of
my mind.

Finally, we’d
hit the valley,

my father
would say,
“Were in

In the back seat
my sisters and I’d
giggle as we

we’d say,
“Santa Claus,

With the
windows down,
the hot musky
smell of grapes and
cherry orchards,

would cause us
to desire the
luscious fruits
of California’s,
Garden of Eden.

“Can we stop
at a fruit stand

“We want to
have something

Now, that I’m a dad,
It’s my kids that
are giggling
in the back seat.

Stanislaus County
the memorable,
yet at times
mis-pronounceable name,
is where we live.



When I was but a lad-
my brother once said,
“Have you ever had ripe
Delicious cherries straight
off a tree?”

I know an orchard by the road.
The cherries there-they’re like gold.
Plump, juicy and deliciously round.
“They must be worth ten dollars
a pound”

I’m going there with some friends.
If you want to taste the best cherries
In town-
then come with us and I’ll show you how
They are found.

Off we went all three of us boys, to munch
On cherries a few blocks near our house.

We got to the orchard surrounded by a fence.
In order to get to the best ones we had to jump
over and run our very best. my brother warned, “if
someone approached- we best run like hell, because we
We were trespassing on someone’s private property”

I nodded yes and off we went- to the nearest tree
climed it and got to the top. The cherries were so
Juicy and sweet- just like my brother had previously said.

When we were finally gorged
one of us spotted a
man running at us-full bore.
In between the shouts of, “get out!”
I jumped from the top, landed
and began to run as fast as I could.

The fence was a good
hundred yards from
Where I was. I never ran
so fast in my life…
One by one-
We hopped over the barrier out
out of breath “happy I made it”
we all nervously, said.

at the time it wasn’t funny-
because we feared for our lives!
But now that I’m older I think back
At my little adventure
and grin at my childhood memories.