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Lost In Campbell-poem

I remember walking home one day
I got lost
tangled in suburbia.
Houses, driveways, warm cement sidewalks,
sunny blue skies.
I’d walk this path before many times
from elementary school and back;
“I must have taken a wrong turn.”
My eyes water
I still dream about it.
walking through familiar streets and alleyways.
The irony of being lost in my hometown
yet at the same time
coming home.

My Father, Oscar-Poem

My dad was a badass dude,
he bought a Harley—
him and mom would cruise;
up and down California,
Nevada, and Oregon.
He worked and bled for
our provision, I witnessed
first hand when he lobed
his fingers off.
At the height of
his prowess he was unstoppable, fearless, and always full of hope.
We’d sit down for supper
and listen to his wild man
escapades. He showed me how
to shoot straight, never to cower to life, and to have faith. To respect nature,
to eat what you kill,
and to be brave—
to treasure your woman with all your heart and
that family comes first.
He showed me his
frailties and love.
He taught most of my friends
how to make a living–he
taught them a marketable skill.
He wasn’t perfect, no man is.
He faced his own demons, then death with his chin up and
He’s my father and
friend to the bitter end.

Just Another Day—Poem

I wake up limping now
Like a mauled dog—hopping.
My foot sensitive to the
strands of my brown carpet.
I rest on my desk chair as
I make my way to the camode.

I stretch my feet and my bowels
squeeze the toothpaste until
the green gel plops out
and brush, I
wash my hands,
wash my mouth,
wash the sleep right out.

But, sleeps lingers
behind my eye lids
without a heavy dose of caffeine—
it can’t be reached
dark roasted
milk and sugar and familiar
teaspoon clink.

The stiffness in my foot
a constant reminder—
a) I’m alive
b) of sacrifice.

I slip in my key,
lock the door behind me, turn
and limp away;
ready to begin
another day.

Bodega Bay-Poem

Stepped into the pacific waters
coming from the Far East
to Bodega Bay—

Sea lions, emptied mussels, and
sea worthy vessels arrayed
under the canopy of northern
California’s perfect clime.

with Hitchcock’s seagulls
like drones flying with
a watchful eye.

We stopped to admire
and pay homage to
a costal Jewell—

Bodega means storage:

I’m curious what the
Spaniards stored here
That was so sublime?

It’s Spring Again

The weather is perfect—
the temperature is mild
leaning towards warm
Not to dry nor humid,
I call it a Mediterranean vibe.

There’s only a few places in the
world where perfect
weather exist,
the kind that makes one
plan a outdoor meal
with crisp white tablecloths.

Where one is served
a succulent green salad,
a bottle of Pinot
and freshly grilled lamb.

I step outside and
inhale the fresh gardenias
my neighbor planted.
Makes me want to
gather the family and sit
under a live-oak tree,
driving me to a place of
picnics, conversations and
plenty of laughs—
its Spring in California again.

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