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Dante’s Place-poem


I wonder if Dante’s poetic place
smack in the middle of purgatory,
(it’s where all poets go after death)
all the great ones find themselves there.
Even those who never had a book deal.

After a hearty breakfast
of Huevos Rancheros
and hot steamy cafe con leche
go fishing—

In that vast ocean of metaphors
where one finds small,
sometimes shadowy,
plump, and juicy enjambments
perfect for otherworldly poems.

Then after a nice lunch of
lamb meatballs on crunchy
Dutch bread topped off with
Belgium beer,

We take a walk in the garden of similes—
Where there are lush trees full of ripe fruit
like cherries ready to be plucked, joyfully
collected in our gilded baskets.

Dinner is roasted Chilean Sea Bass
marinated in garlic and cilantro
served with a delicate glass or two
of buttery California Chardonnay.

It’s during this time
Neither in heaven or hell,
we recite our daily poems
like grace is
said after
a lovely meal.

It’s Spring Again

The weather is perfect—
the temperature is mild
leaning towards warm
Not to dry nor humid,
I call it a Mediterranean vibe.

There’s only a few places in the
world where perfect
weather exist,
the kind that makes one
plan a outdoor meal
with crisp white tablecloths.

Where one is served
a succulent green salad,
a bottle of Pinot
and freshly grilled lamb.

I step outside and
inhale the fresh gardenias
my neighbor planted.
Makes me want to
gather the family and sit
under a live-oak tree,
driving me to a place of
picnics, conversations and
plenty of laughs—
its Spring in California again.

On Savoring-Poem

When you read a poem
taste the words:
A poet spends time—searching
like a chef who goes around
a market feeling the ripe tomatoes,
smelling the fresh cilantro,
and poking
the Chilean fish,
he knows
that the right
combination of ingredients
will be magic,
mouth watering,
Swirl the adjectives and lively verbs
around your tongue
the way you savor
California coast Pinot—
sometimes you can taste the oak,
hints of raspberry
and fine chocolate.
Poetic words
are not swallowed; but
making you come
for more.

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