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I’ve Walked-Poem

I’m at work
my left foot
every heartbeat

I’ve walked a million miles on concrete like the
children of Sinai, though their steps were on desert sand.

Walking in circles, graves disappeared,
lost between the wind and gloomy sandstorms.

Until at the mouth of the Jordan
they entered and washed away their tears.

Tears for that fallen generation
interned forever
by a blanket of Middle-Eastern soil.


Children Of Lore


First epic lesson is
the slithering snake’s
words used poetically,
Chava, mother of life-
tempted as the tasty fruit
scrumptiously accused her.
Falsely stating, that
the figment of accusation-
was an inbreed one.

Children of lore-angelic progeny
Chava’s brood gave us a narrative:

The literature of mankind.
Tales of worldly insight.
Needless deaths and agony
juxtaposed with-the heroic
The insincere, the insane
The repentant, the murderer
The wicked and the frayed.

We’ve inherited words, we’re
The children of lore-with
jumbled tales of agonizing dependency.
Speaking volumes and volumes of
poetic tales, some insightful
Some not so…

From the first bite our mouths
gave memories of yonder days
living in the garden surrounded
by life giving trees:

Oaks, myrtles and
olives. fruits
giving strife.

consume words.
Our bread is consummately
read which bakers
shared then shred.

Orally fixated, bookish,
and heady
ever since the
first tempted
of knowledge
was ingested.