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I went back to my hometown Campbell California to
reminisce and walk around. My neighborhood has changed.
If I were to select a word to describe her,
it would be—trendy.

Where else can you buy a sandwich and cold draft for 23 dollars,
Soho, North Beach,

No one knows I rode my Schwinn banana-seat,
chopper-handled bike around those same streets
hipsters now own.

One redeemable thing was meeting a french poet
on Campbell and Third—

There we stood—my wife and two poets speaking about Volliard,
Bukowski, Ferlinghetti, Gongora
and Islamic Andalusian poems.

We spoke about the Seine, Paris, Dali, Francisco Lorca
and the Tigris River, he even said,
“he’d translate my book in French for me.”

If trendy brings in the poets,
then by all means let the hipsters do their thing,

I’ll swing back by—
from time-to-time
and order a water instead.

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