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Aphorism Art

In art:
we need to see the
beauty in the ugly,
the common, and
the down-trodden.


I’m a teacher,
I’ve always felt like one.

I enjoy helping others;

Assisting discovery,
brings me pleasure and
insurmountable joy.

When I first walked into
my new classroom,
the smell of creativity
permeated the air.

I got a dose of it.
It went straight into
my lungs, it

spoke majestical
thoughts to
my brain,

and exploded at
the tip of every
follicle of hair.

It jettisoned me back
to my early days
at the Art Institute,
Somehow I knew
I’d walked into right place…

And, ever-since I met
my new students,
It’s been that way—
“creativity galore.”

I only wish I had a
blackboard instead
of two white ones…

There’s something
about a blackboard
and chalk drawings
that screams—
old school,