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Don’t Study Philosophy

Why you should reconsider becoming a philosophy major.

Look what happened to me:

* I hate academia and macadamia nuts.
* I think way too much—over analyze.
* I can’t buy into the status quo or any presidential nominees.
* I have an outrageous sense of humor, that frankly, no one understands.
* I am bitterly sarcastic about everything.
* I read philosophy to settle down while I drink beer—Thank you Prof. Robin Roth.
* Rather than listen to music on my way to work, I listen to erudite people explain the meaning of things. Everyone finds this boring except “moi.”
* I rather go to a book store and read Dante or Nietzsche than go to a party.
* I have a hard time understanding adults and their silly views.
* Religion and I are bitter polemical friends—
*I am a mental mess when left alone with my thoughts.

If you want to mess up your life forever be a philosophy major.



What is it that barflies do?
Sitting all day and night
drinking bar drinks.

I’d like to think that they
sit and philosophize.
In between
sips of Bacardi and Coke,
perhaps they think of the
meaning of things or
multiple infinities.

Some of my best discussions
on Nietzsche or Sartre
were over a pint of
Guinness with
my schoolmates at a Pub.

Husserl’s ideas sound better
after a couple shots of Scotch.

Though some would argue that
phenomenology goes better with Gin.
I counter that argument with
a splash of Tonic Water
over a Johnny Walker and ice.

But, that’s just me-
I’m not really
a lush-I just like to
drink and muse over
Postmodernist like
Derrida or
Solomon ibn Verga.

In the end, there nothing
more interesting
than bar-room philosophy.

Unless you start
slurring your theories.

Growing Our Beards


My brother and I-way back when,
in between seriousness and play
conversed about one future day.

The dialogue
pertained to
growing our beards.

Somehow, being bearded
what strong men did.

Virility, honor, and security were all
expressed by a mans facial hair.

Homer, Aristotle, and
the Conquistadores, all
grew theirs.

we be guapos, then?

I grew mine,
he spurned his.

Aristotle Said


Aristotle said
The subject of reasoning
Organon I wrote