My Father, Oscar-Poem

by Samuel De Lemos

My dad was a badass dude,
he bought a Harley—
him and mom would cruise;
up and down California,
Nevada, and Oregon.
He worked and bled for
our provision, I witnessed
first hand when he lobed
his fingers off.
At the height of
his prowess he was unstoppable, fearless, and always full of hope.
We’d sit down for supper
and listen to his wild man
escapades. He showed me how
to shoot straight, never to cower to life, and to have faith. To respect nature,
to eat what you kill,
and to be brave—
to treasure your woman with all your heart and
that family comes first.
He showed me his
frailties and love.
He taught most of my friends
how to make a living–he
taught them a marketable skill.
He wasn’t perfect, no man is.
He faced his own demons, then death with his chin up and
He’s my father and
friend to the bitter end.