Beards(we are legion)-poem

by Samuel De Lemos

When we were younger
My brother and I
spoke about one day
growing out
our beards,
about being
It was a dream—
I hadn’t reached puberty yet,
no funny hairs,
an androgynous time;
like twilight
between daylight and night.
Now, I can’t stop growing hairs
in the most inconspicuous places.
I look at them and say,
“how did you get here?”
“You must be lost?”
I pluck one out, 10 more
come out and regenerate;
As if to say,
“we are legion!”
It’s a war that I’ve lost.
While shaving kits
grow in price,
I raise my shoulders
and say,
“have it your way.”
My brother he’s brave
he shaves everyday—
trying to stay a beardless guapo
as long as
he possibly can.