My Words

Understanding the World through words

Wild Flowers-Poem

I present to you my life on paper:
neatly arranged for your viewing
like a bouquet of wild flowers.
You’ll get to read the highlights—
“what I decree is important to see.”
Neatly wrapped up in verbs and
adjectives, and at times
proper punctuation.
You won’t get to see
the mental anguish, fear,
or my many insecurities.
Those will only appear
hidden between
witty phrases
and metaphors—
Used like
salt and pepper,
only enough
to season the main course.
If you use too much
it ruins the whole meal.

New Best friends-poem

The nice thing about aging:
you’ve been through a lot, there’s very few things
you haven’t seen;
it’s hard to get rattled.
The hardships are:
you discover pain in areas that are completely
unfamiliar to you.
questions like–
How in tarnation
am I sore there?
I don’t even use that muscle?
BenGay and ibuprofen become
your new best friends.

Beards(we are legion)-poem

When we were younger
My brother and I
spoke about one day
growing out
our beards,
about being
It was a dream—
I hadn’t reached puberty yet,
no funny hairs,
an androgynous time;
like twilight
between daylight and night.
Now, I can’t stop growing hairs
in the most inconspicuous places.
I look at them and say,
“how did you get here?”
“You must be lost?”
I pluck one out, 10 more
come out and regenerate;
As if to say,
“we are legion!”
It’s a war that I’ve lost.
While shaving kits
grow in price,
I raise my shoulders
and say,
“have it your way.”
My brother he’s brave
he shaves everyday—
trying to stay a beardless guapo
as long as
he possibly can.