My Words

Understanding the World through words

Inspired Words-Poem

I was in a terrible state of mind today searching
for the first
few paragraphs of inspired words I’d wrote yesterday.
pouring over my
sticky notes, emails, and unpublished blog drafts. I couldn’t find them.
I figure I’d better start writing them again. I felt
but I persevered and forced myself to: forget about it.
In my mind I knew they weren’t
as good as the
ones. I shrugged my shoulder and said, oh well, and left it at that.
Whaddya know,
when I opened
up my phone notes—
There they were!
I compared the two drafts
the lost ones are what I needed. (I knew it all along)
Nothing can substitute one’s
inspired words.


On Learning-Philosophy

Learning is predicated on discovery
if we can foster the latter
then there’ll be
a natural love for the former.

What Happened?-Poem

What happened to the glory of Islam;
to the scholars and poets of your
Golden Age?

Avecina your children despise you.
Ibn Zaydun your offspring mock you.

Darkness has fallen and
intolerable hatred grips the nations
in a desperate stranglehold.

Your mighty intellect and
ease of words have been
dashed to pieces.

What’s left?

Only ignorance
intolerance, and
a distant memory
of your glorious past.

Bloody and stillborn,
Your handmaidens
wail in the streets
pulling out their hair in

Swayed by violence—
you dance to the beat
of bullets and bombs.

Sorrowed by the
graves you’ve produced.
None of your children say:

Our architecture was the splendor of the West
Our ingenuity and physicians cured the masses
Our poets inspired European’s best
We were the gate to the Renaissance—

In the name of Allah, the merciful
this shame needs to end!