Sneak a Peek-Poem

by Samuel De Lemos

Right after my divorce
in my apartment
I had a crush
on one of the beautiful tenants.

I worked during the day
a teacher in the county jail

came home and anticipated
her arrival around five.

She was a site to see–
Voluptuous, young, sexy.
When she moved it was magical.

Her plump hips swayed.
It was sick–
I sneaked little peeks
as she’d pass by.

My head would spin with desire.

Problem was,
she had a live in boyfriend.
So, I had no chance.

All I had were
these little fantasies.

One day, I went swimming
and she came swimming too.

She smiled towards me as she
slowly walked in.

She knew my little secret–
She knew she was my fantasy.
She loved to show off.

The flirtation was purposeful.

She loved the attention
and to torture me.

She told me that
she knew I watched her–

as she happily
bounced up and down.

all I could do
was smile and grin.