Just Another Day—Poem

by Samuel De Lemos

I wake up limping now
Like a mauled dog—hopping.
My foot sensitive to the
strands of my brown carpet.
I rest on my desk chair as
I make my way to the camode.

I stretch my feet and my bowels
squeeze the toothpaste until
the green gel plops out
and brush, I
wash my hands,
wash my mouth,
wash the sleep right out.

But, sleeps lingers
behind my eye lids
without a heavy dose of caffeine—
it can’t be reached
dark roasted
milk and sugar and familiar
teaspoon clink.

The stiffness in my foot
a constant reminder—
a) I’m alive
b) of sacrifice.

I slip in my key,
lock the door behind me, turn
and limp away;
ready to begin
another day.