My Words

Understanding the World through words

I’ve Walked-Poem

I’m at work
my left foot
every heartbeat

I’ve walked a million miles on concrete like the
children of Sinai, though their steps were on desert sand.

Walking in circles, graves disappeared,
lost between the wind and gloomy sandstorms.

Until at the mouth of the Jordan
they entered and washed away their tears.

Tears for that fallen generation
interned forever
by a blanket of Middle-Eastern soil.

April 14th-Poem

April 14:
Poured a bath
sat and read
some Spanish poems.
Then, I opened up
Instagram and played with
hashtags on my iPhone 4.
The bath suddenly cold,
I turned the faucet leftwards
as hot water
made its way towards
my bones.
I felt the surge of warmth and
sunk deeper
into the libation
until my nose
like a periscope
below the surface I’d poured.