Pure Poetry

by Samuel De Lemos

Taking the boys to practice
they’re antsy, full of hormones
nearly teenagers.

They’re verbal about what they like
and dislike:

Like who’s the best basketball player
Curry or Jordan?
They pick Curry.

No doubt he’s boss,
but Jordan in the day—
he could seriously dunk.
He defined basketball and
led the Bulls to new heights.

They’re starting to develop
their critical thinking skills
and testing them out on me.

We’re verbally sparring
going back-and-forth
developing and strengthening
mental sinews—locked in a
intellectual battle.

Sometimes I get a
double leg takedown then
they sprawl and get s reverse.

It’s a cross between
logical reasoning
and verbal wrestling—
having my teens make their
arguments, and
state their cases why:

It’s pure poetry in my eyes.