Poetry Saves Again—Poem

by Samuel De Lemos

Poetry saved my marriage—
time spent contemplating
the desire I feel and
the yearning I have for her time.

Sometimes flowers
can’t spell it out—
My woman loves to
hear enunciated romantic
doting things.

I wrote her a book
of poems and tender sentiments.
in America its considered goofy
but Latin’s are silly
about romance.

I have no shame in telling her
her movements are poetic,
her caresses spark an internal fire,
her kisses make me lightheaded or
that I’m crazy for her soft words
they make me drunk, intoxicated—
I stagger when she comes to bed
with black nylons
her tantalizing lips painted red.

I articulate how I feel with ardor
and she loves every minute
we spend dancing between
the sheets exchanging words and
other yearning sounds.