Poetry Saves-Poem

by Samuel De Lemos

I work with people:
some are funny,
some are nutty,
some quiet,
some boisterous and
some are plain rude.

I work with a woman who lives for poetry
she asks me to read to her
especially about love.
She’s married and with all relationships there’s friction;
daily grind, bills to pay,
dishes to clean, monotony…
who’s throwing out the trash?

She desires poetry
I think–
It helps get her through-the-day.
I heard a poem saved a women’s life
in Morocco; from a thief with a gun.
I’ve had my marriage reconciled
by written words spoken–
with endearment, desire, and lust.

There’s a message in there somewhere,
about how “poetry saves.”
Halfway through the day
the married lady asks me,
“I need a poem, one that can help my marriage
one about my relationship–my husband and me”
“listen to this one”, I respond. While I begin to read
to a co-worker in need.