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Understanding the World through words

Month: December, 2015

Untitled #3

Can I take the I out of me,

How do I do that?

To get to a place of solitude

is to be there.

Poets speak about removing the I out of poetry,

silliness really, platitudes, demented thinking.

The I, never leaves the writer,

because, its from that vantage point the he perceives.

Even I know that.

Untitled #4

I’m a post-modern poet
I inhabit diversity.
My life is a climax of change.
A walking paradox–
sensing perplexity,
 I’m Jewish again
even-though I’m Hispanic now.
I’m Hispanic now
even-though I’m a little Mayan then.
I’m Mayan then
even-though I’m American today.
I’m American today
even-though I lived in Japan once before.
what am I?
The result of more than one cultural melting pot;
I speak Epanyiol, English, and Ivrit
I’m a modernist who loves the higher end of art,
reading philosophy,
dabble in photography,
I write about Ecclesiastes–
regional jazz is where its at.
What makes me postmodern?
I believe in diversity;
deplore the grand narrative.
I embrace convivencia and that’s saying a lot.