by Samuel De Lemos

If I were to write you a poem–
I would start from the top of your head and appraise you like a perfect totem.

Your hair you wear like a crown of onyx of the deepest black,
falls lovingly in contrast to your pearlescent back.

Your eyes, like diamonds that peek into the brilliant future, a
reminder of the sublime that exists–when I gaze into them I’m left tortured.

Your countenance for fear of failure, Michelangelo dared not sculpt, thus
my words I rest upon your ears with love and hope:

That one day you’d find my sentiments like a treasure that a diver dug up, at first glance being a non-consequential clam, after opening it, found the most magnificent and radiant pearl.

And I will not forget, that your heart’s benevolence surpasses the brilliance of your outward beauty; adds to the swooning I feel, as you, my most cherished gift, I stow away into the secret chamber of my heart.