December Love-poem 

by Samuel De Lemos

There’s something enchanting about December,

It’s the holiday music,

brisk cold air, while I’m sitting by

a fireplace alone with my thoughts.


It’s also the season of despair, if you’re out of work,

like so many people out there that are begging for a chance.

Both are on the same coin that’s tossed in the air.

It depends on how it lands,

Heads—cling the crystal, there’s happiness and cheer.

Tails—I raise my voice and say, “perhaps

I’ll have better luck next year.”


I’ve been at both places, many people have.

Try to make the best of every circumstance,

live for the moment, be grateful for the good times,

embrace your loved ones, no matter where you’re at;


because, love transcends riches and poverty. Love

is the one thing that can be given freely.