Lazy Sunday Afternoon

by Samuel De Lemos

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon
(I swear I’d beat it)
No drama, just chill.

I woke up at 9ish.
Went shopping for
a gourmet lunch;

my plan is to make
lamb and yellow rice
for my kids:

Turmeric fried chicken wings,
freshly chopped onions rings,
minced garlic with a
pinch of saffron hairs.

Squeezed yellow lemon
and plenty of black pepper—
lamb chops with a bit
of salty garlic powder
over virgin olive oil.

Sizzling rice on a
black frying pan, makes
the whole kitchen smell
like a dream.

My daughter wanting some—
hands me her favorite
Frozen printed bowl;
with desire embedded in
her sultry big brown eyes.

It’s not ready yet,

but here,
you can try the broth
, so
I hand her a spoonful of the
golden yellow goodness.

was her response.

Sitting on the kitchen bar
near the stove,
wanting to be close to
the cooking commotion—
In anticipation,
because to her, food
is an expression of love.

When I cook I put
my heart into it.

She might not
know all the flavors,
but I guarantee, she can
feel the love.

After everyone was served
I clean up and lie down
for a Sunday afternoon nap.

I reflect on
the story of nothingness
and the fact that I go back
to work tomorrow.