Green Sled

by Samuel De Lemos

Hannah was crying
when I walked into the room—balling.
Mom was adamant she couldn’t go.
She couldn’t go with us to play in the snow.

Her red puffy eyes so morose.
I pleaded for her, I was her

My case—

We are family, all of us.
She’s a part of us,
Let her go. If she fusses
then it’s on me, I’ll take care
of her.

No, said her mom,
She’ll only make our time

Hannah pleads her case—

Mom, please let me go,
I want to play in the snow,
I won’t cry anymore.

Mom’s heart melted
she agreed to let
Hannah go with us.

At the snow capped hill,
Hannah flew down on
her green sled,
Laughing, giggling screeching
with glee.

She’d shake herself off
adjust her grey winter’s cap
and happily pull her green
sled up the hill once again.

While we cheered,
Go Hannah!

All her tears subsided and
her eyes squinted with sheer