My Words

Understanding the World through words

The Coldness Of It.

The white of snow
conjures up so many

It’s bleak and beautiful,
pristine yet cold.

It covers up
the surrounding
mountain peaks like a
rabbit’s furry coat.

I imagine
saber wielding
Poles mounted on
their trusted steeds,
boldly crossed
a snow covered

to attack a
German mechanized
Wehrmacht panzer
against the white and
green trees.

opened fire–
astonished, mouth agape,
Twentieth Century Teutons
meeting animal and human flesh
with hot punishing steel—

the white heavenly powder

I imagine the absurdity
of it
played out like a
Shakespearean drama,

The backdrop—

a lonely
snow covered field, as
peaceful as the one
I see today.

Suddenly filled with
as the contrast of
mechanized infantry
charged by an archaic mounted cavalry,
met each other
on that distant

by today’s military standards,
tragic, in the sense that
an end of an era occurred.

Nothing about it
makes sense,
only the winter
backdrop and the
mythical coldness
of it in my head.

The Mad Dash

For all of us
are contained
between that dash—
our births,
the way we suckled on
our mother’s teats,
our first steps, and first

The many times we
walked to school.

Our sins,
our achievements,
the memories
of who we loved.

Our many vices
and frailties,
our deepest failures and
our greatest triumphs,
the many people
we touched.

All this crammed
between the date of
our birth and the
final date of
our demise.