The Falcon Speaks To His Sire part II

by Samuel De Lemos

{the falcon is released,
having flown for three days
it returns to his master’s arm then
begins to speak}

I flew the heights and width
of your kingdom sire.
The heaven’s air so
tranquil and pure,
from a certain height,
this is what saw…

Foreign armies sharpening
their glistening swords conspiring

against your family’s house.
Evil men picking ripened
fruit, leaving the land barren
of its orange groves.

I heard the poets crying, their
tears mixing with the foam of your
mint-lined Rivers.

People whispering in darkness
against the plurality
of your kingdom.

I saw your people walking—
lined up in tumultuous exile,
Uncontrollable weeping
became a new song.

Then there was silence,

the voices of your people, I heard
no more.