Watermelon Man

by Samuel De Lemos

I find myself in a
grocery store
for your sweetness,

I need your
mouthwatering respite.

I find you nestled
between the
plump green limes
and the deep red
Washington apples.

Both whom I know,
whose skin
I’ve previously parted
and gently knifed.

But my attention
is on you
and your
yellow-green rind.

I make my way
to you,
touch you
and pick you up.

I gently knock, pressing
my ear on your skin.

I want
To hear
your hollowness,
the distinct sound
my father taught me
to listen for…

When I finally
split you open
you bleed
the sweetest
fresh pink blood.


you make
my mouth wet
and my tastebuds dance
with delight.