Poetry is:

by Samuel De Lemos

The use of language to describe one’s mood or an event. It’s a certain idiosyncratic way of seeing things.

It’s the time when all the constraints we’ve built around using English can be put aside.

Poetry should not be seen as a boring repetitive grammar exercise. Instead, poetry is a time when we can transform our common use of language and make it delicious, like a beautiful cupcake or make it as sweet as the first time we ate amusement-park cotton candy.

Poetry is something we digest that’s yummy, so yummy we desire to share it with others, It gives us pleasure when we read or write poems, and begets pleasure for others when we share them.

When we write poetry, we feel love; whether we realize it or not, for communicative language.

Even if the poem is not about love, it’s the insatiable need to express ourselves—

To articulate what we feel with others, knowing that we are alive and conveying that experience is what drives our need to be poetic.

The reader or listener upon hearing poetry that speaks to them immediately identifies with the poetic insight as if they themselves lived, have been through, have seen or experienced that poetic moment.

In my experience reading poetry; that is, when I arrive at that place where I agree with the poet’s insight, I’m transported to that particular moment—as if I had experienced it myself.

In some magical way, I have ownership of the insight; even though, I did not write it!

A good poem or a good poetic line, transports us and moves us, it takes us to that special place where we are reminded of being alive.