Tishe’a be’Ab Once Again

by Samuel De Lemos

The sigh of the Inquisition
sways like the winter wind
reaching my inner bones,
Blue ocean opens to forever behind and beyond,
Atlantic Sun warms away the chill of
abandonment and despair.

I sit alone far from you.
Daughter of Zion.
I sit wishing to touch you,
Jerusalem of Gold.
Ancient city,
I am physically distant from you.

My ancestor’s wails echo through
gilded Cordoba streets
here, mingle in my exiled ears.
Over thousands of years,
thousands of miles,
The breaking of my people’s hearts
twice mirrored in mine.

I am the galuth,
racked with pain.
In your footsteps
I tearfully remain.

My dreams longing to reconnect
I follow the path that you
spoke of, my prayers
remind me, sadness
overwhelms me.

I am the galuth.
Reflecting your pain.
Though I dream
to return to you
once again.