Digital Memories | Letter To konami

by Samuel De Lemos

Your video game has brought
endless gaming pleasure
I’ve happily enjoyed playing
“frogger” for so many years.

As far as arcade games go,
the beauty in yours is
seemingly the simplicity of the task.
I remember how frustrating
it was at first when I was
younger and computer
generated arcade games
came rapidly to the fore.
Frustrating in the sense
that, I had to master
joystick and buttons maneuvering
(a tireless learning curb with new technology)
in order to cross the
busy Armageddon
full of cars.

Those menacing colorful cars that
never stopped coming, I weaved
and squirmed around them concerned
that I’d get bludgeoned like
an American tourist in Pomplona
during the running of the bulls.

I got ran over many times trying to get my
little frog to quickly jump past
the inevitable black pavement and
into the moving turtles and logs.

The excitement was tangible,
I hated hearing the
dreaded music come to
a screeching halt whenever I got
smashed. I still cringe and
after innumerable attempts, I got
the swing of things and
was soon jumping over logs
searching for that delicious fly
‘cubbied-up’ in a warm cubicle,
high above the wreckage of it all.

I saw the vision, across the
river into safety. Getting there
was another thing altogether.
Normally, it resulted in my demise.

The magic in those early video games
has not gone away, even though compared
to todays gaming standards, Frogger is
considered a classic. Though,
recently, I’ve rediscovered it
after a long hiatus and a few kids
of my own who now love to game.
Your digitized jumping frog,
quirky MIDI tunes
and death defying leaps
still generates plenty of pleasure,
frustration, and digital memories.