Such bloody awful poetry – the words of The Smiths

by Samuel De Lemos

Poet, Musician, Artist, classic Morrissey lyrics

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Image courtesy of Smash Hits

Number 4 in our series of blogs on the best ideas The Smiths had, the ones that changed pop and people’s lives forever. In the first blog, we argued that the band’s best idea of all was breaking up and staying that way, forever protecting their legacy. Blog 2 celebrated the band’s extraordinary b-sides while blog 3 took on sex in The Smiths, arguing that innuendo often provided a life and humour that was a key element of the band’s appeal.

This brings us – inevitably – to The Smiths’ lyrics as one of their great, defining ideas. And they were an idea: when he sat in his room and drew up his plan, Morrissey accomplished something which not even many novelists manage, let alone pop lyricists – he deliberately and meticulously designed his own lexicon, a way with words that became…

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