District 9 | The Gaza Syndrome

by Samuel De Lemos

The reason why Gaza and other areas inhabited by regional Arabs has been turned into a ‘District 9’ type atmosphere is because, and only because, regional Arabs do not know how to control their aggressive and unnecessary war urges. If they would use the same energy to live side-by-side peacefully, like the Druze Arabs, the Middle East would be a world model of tolerance a second al-Andalus!

Instead regional Arabs have shown the world their contempt for order, peace and tolerance, and ultimately their ignorance. Instead, everyone who recently comes into contact with the al-Andalus historic model is stunned that the Arab culture has fallen so low. To the point that it’s “incredible” to most that Arab culture rose so high in the first place.

This is the shame of current contemporary Arab culture and values, their insurgent fanatical brothers have dissolved any kind of credibility for the rest of Arabs. The fate being that they are despised worldwide, a grotesque people who’s only motive in life is to bring darkness and mayhem to the World.