Navajo Blanket

by Samuel De Lemos

When I was a teacher a
Few years ago I happened
Across a story, it
Was Native American
Folklore, a beautiful
Legend that
Spoke to me.

when you
Visit someone and the
Company is enjoyable,
It becomes a spiritual

While two people are
Amicably conversing,
They’re embracing.

The communion leaves
Everyone satisfied like a
Navajo blanket’s warmth, worn
on a chilly prairie night.
A splendid shroud that
Heavens and Earth has woven,
From galaxies, mountain and
Fertile streams–

Yesterday, I visited
A good friend who’s
Recovering from a
Serious heart

We had heartfelt
Dialogue about
Our past and present.

I felt our spirits
Connect as we spoke,
Laughed and cried.

I felt we were weaved
Like an Indian-red and
Navajo blanket
I once saw on an Arizona

Our conversation
Cross stitched
Each other’s—
While we sat
There cooled
By our ice-tea
And warmed by our
Many pleasant words.