Conversation With God | Like A Vine

by Samuel De Lemos

Why me God?
It’s the perpetual question
One asks in distress.

Why did my way of making
A living suddenly dry up?
It’s as if a beaver built a dam,
And stopped a life giving river from
Flowing downstream; instead, turning
It into a dry creek bed of death.

I’ve put countless hours
Into my business
Just like anyone else,
Not to mention
The tears I’ve shed and
I’ve literally bled too.
No need to recount this Lord
You’ve seen what I’ve been through.

Between my wife and I
It was roughly 100 hours
Each week we patiently
To our means of making a
Honest living.

So, it wasn’t because of neglect,
You control the world–
Why did you let my business
Come to such horrendous turmoil?

God’s answer:

You can’t expect to have a business
Get you by,
How else can I get your attention when
You’re so busy earning your bread?

A scribe can’t write from a lofty place when
It’s in the trenches that you see the
Real action in.

If you look around you
You’ll see
People are distressed
similar to how you feel.

How can you see humanity anyway else?

How can you feel their pain
if your living in a gilded cage,
With all the comforts
Of a bloated king?

A vine produces better wine
When it’s under duress.

Take away a little water from its roots,
Make the vine struggle a little,
And the end result is that
The wine is sweeter,
More intoxicating,
increasing its final
Market value.

The conclusion is
That the particular vintage,
All agree,
Is good!