God Grant Me A Wish

by Samuel De Lemos

God grant me a wish,

Just one!

I know world peace

Is someone else’s dream.

I need to be authentic,

I need a wish that’s solely


I want an original wish granted, I’d

Love to find hidden gold, but

I know the conquistadores and their mothers
Wished on that one…
And all The 49ers that
Made their way to
Gold country
Obviously did too!

The wish of fame and fortune,

Those wishes are blasé, I’m
Sure just about every
Hollywood star has wished
That one before.

Strolling down Hollywood Boulevard confirms
Those wishes have all just about come true.

You can see those
Wishes materialized
In Beverly Hills and on
Malibu’s pristine beaches.

Nowadays, the wish of
Fortune, can be seen up and
Down the California
Coastline, prices have
Seriously gone
Up since the Sixties.

The wish of love, some people
Wished they never wished for
That one. The courts are full
Of those wishes being
Defunct, thank God I’m not
One of them, I’m happy in love.

Now that I’ve gone through
This little exercise,
I’m running out of wishes,
I can see
Some of my prior wishes
Have already been granted.

They’re the ones that
Call me, “daddy”
Embracing me every time
They see me anew.

Thank You, God,
My little wishes,
I love
Each and
Everyone of them,
Much as a grown man
Can love wishes
That come true.