My Words

Understanding the World through words

Ode to Jimmy Stewart

I wish I could write
poetry the way
Jimmy Stewart
articulated his lines.

His unmistakable voice
soft, charismatic, always
delivered with a
twinkle in his eyes.

Seems that I can listen
to him forever, if forever
was a place to be.

In those days movies were

An art form to carry
A conversation with such élan,

Jimmy carried them
eloquently like a
high priest in the temple
of the spoken word.

And, If God could speak
audibly, I’d like to believe
it’d be with
Stewart’s magnetic ease.

Daylight Sparrow

Sing early bird, whose
name I do not know.

Your sweet caressing song
arouses my slothful soul,

Your reverent early
melodies stir me out
of my deepest despair.

Whilst still dark
outside you herald
the dawns golden glow.

awake, awake my soul to
the sound of one more
precious day, and

let yesterday’s
melancholy be
chased far, far away.

as the morning chases
the solemn night
across the
San Francisco bay.

My weary limbs
anticipates you,
daylight sparrow.

And the soft
rustling of
beechwood leafs

that softly
accompanies your
full-throttled song.


for the emotions,
life’s been tough
these last few months.

I’m not sure in
certain situations,
what I’m supposed
to do?

One thing is undeniable
and that’s, I love you
beyond mere words.

you are my
morning sunshine,
I look forward to
basking in your warmth.

One thing that
I’m asking,
is to please be
patient as I sort out
my confused life.

Hold my hand
I can assure
you that in the end
everything will
be alright.