Observation On The Temporality Of Life

by Samuel De Lemos

Time has a way of breaking
a man:

Even the most perfect of settings
remains un-cloistered to disruptive forces.

Forces that attempt to constantly educate us on the frailties of man’s position in the universe.

The universe itself is eternally moving, imploding and exploding; stars larger than our own sun are running out of light, and like mere candles are snuffed out forever.

This teaches us a valuable lesson that life, and all which we hold dear is temporal. We are corporally finite, our time in this world compared to the vastness of our universe is comparably insignificant.

Should this realization concern us? Is this an existential problem that’s unsolvable? Or should this realization be a prompt to make the best of ourselves. A star shines the brightest when it realizes it’s time is almost up.