Working Class

by Samuel De Lemos

I’m grateful, as hard as it is today
to be an American,
with all the god-awful
economic mess we’re experiencing.
It’s still a country I’d rather
be in.

I’ve traveled far and wide;
witnessed poverty
On many levels,
Poverty my fellow
countrymen are unfamiliar with.

I’ve seen totalitarian governments
that shackle;
creativity, education, and personal rights.

Where creative people
live in exile from their
Country of birth.

Because, they can’t
Help but articulate the truth.

In many places the
truth is unappreciated
Even less tolerated.

These are things that
in this country we’re
unfamiliar with.

Places were the working class
are forced to subside on meager
rations doing what they
can to eat.

Sadly, in some cases, selling
Their daughters to satisfy
the lust of others.

At least here, we import our
menial workers and, we can close
our eyes to it because they’re
not related to us.

We freely exercise the luxury
to live in denial. As
long as we hold that paper
That declares us, US citizens.