For Daniel

by Samuel De Lemos

Hey brother, I’ll take that walk,
walking in unison with survivors and the family members of the dearly departed.

All walking to the beat of the drum;
boom, boom; boom, boom
The sound of multiple heartbeats,

yet because of this
unwanted trauma
unwittingly made one.

I’ll walk with you,
like one walks through a
Pharmacy, a little slower
now; while, trying to find the right remedies.

And if you can’t go, I’ll walk for you:

I’ll take that walk
through tree lined
canopies—eucalyptus and pine.

I’ll walk through narrow dirt paths avoiding muddy puddles;
Yet, admire all those pretty pink Lapacho flowers lying on the ground.

Trying to soak in all the beauty of God’s green earth.
While thinking of you—

Lifting you up
The way I lift up my son.

Wishing you were here,
My brother
Seeing what I see:
life is beautiful,
a precious

vital awareness—
You’re never really
going through any of this alone.

We are family
under the
Banner of love.


Daniel Harris is my dear brother in-law who very recently was diagnosed with Glioblastoma stage 4 cancer.

As a result, his once normal life has become fraught with frequent hospital visits, insecurities, and fear.

Rightly so, he has a loving personal and extended family who needs him to survive; and the rate of survival with his predicament is unfortunately slim, statistically speaking.

He’s having difficulties financially, as a business owner, because he’s had to let go of his only means of provision, due to his lack of energy and frequent doctors visit.

My dear wife and Daniel’s loving sister, Joanna has set up a personal community-giving charity site at “” for donations to help Daniel ease the burden of medical costs.

Daniel, is the Father of eight beautiful children who are daily praying that their daddy would survive this ordeal. Please take some time to visit the site and do what your heart guides you to do.

This humble poem was inspired by the Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk. An event that we, including Daniel and his loving wife Andrea, were scheduled to attend.

The Walk is an awareness and fundraising event for people like Daniel, who are fighting this horrible disease.
Suffice to know, that at the last moment Daniel could not make it.

My wife Joanna, my daughter Hannah and sons Levi and Isaiah went on his behalf, in support of Daniel.

The walk was full of loving and dedicated people made up of; survivors, families of survivors, friends, of loved ones and those who have lost their loved ones to this awful battle.

Daniel, is fighting for his life right now, like many who are fighting brain cancer, people who we met at the Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk, not only here in West Coast but throughout the world. Normal people, who like Daniel one day woke up and their lives are forever changed.

This poem goes out to them too…

Know that you’re not alone!