Sunshine And Digital Ghosts

by Samuel De Lemos

Corner of Taylor and Jefferson—acoustic guitar licks amplified, mixed with the
Smell of car exhaust, boiled crab, and cheap perfume.

Seagulls trying to get a morsel—
It’s life’s constant paradigm.

Sunshine and salt aired breeze while
Drinking imported brown papered beer,
Catching a glimpse of city life.

People with places to go—
It’s the universe moving one sneaker at a time.

The whistle of a yellow billed Starling, trying to make an impact, squabbling over leftover scraps left on white spotted city sidewalks.

Everyone is looking for a
place in life.
Somewhere that’s just like paradise; a

place to hear the music, a

place to stroll the kids, a

place to rest one’s feet, a

place to drop some coins; play Pacman , while squirming away from digital ghosts, a

Place to understand the poetic, a

Place to hear the beat, the indelible, unmistakable
Rhythm of the street.