Jazz | Life’s Rhythms

Slowly my wife comes
Down the stairs
In her animal
print robe.

It’s early and
The kids are still
Fast asleep.

I’m sitting in my Cathedral

at the breakfast nook—reading.

I get up to greet her with
An embrace;

I smell her neck and hair
It’s the aroma of

and moon-kissed

Her verdant soulful eyes

I kiss her gently and
Whisper—Good morning
My love.

We sit together
on tall wooden
coffee’s brewing


Dave Brubeck is on the air.

Morning jazz session
barely audible
but still a moving

The crisp morning air,
It works it’s way into
My soul.

Nothing is said,

We just listen
To the syncopating
rhythms and
vibrant happy sounds.

My wife quietly
asks me
Why is jazz
So unpredictable?

Why does the beat
Change so drastically?

I respond:

The allure of Jazz
Is its spontaneity—

Musicians play
Off each other’s vibe.

It closely
Resembles life:

The changes,
The interactions,
The ups and downs,
In the end it is