Roman Holiday vrs Utility Bills

by Samuel De Lemos

I try to make my wife happy
Even though the economy
Doesn’t seem to fully let me.

I hold her, touch her and
Tell her I deeply care.

I love you my dearest one
If it wasn’t for money,
We’d be the happiest pair.

We’d be like:

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
Dancing to great fanfare
Twirling so elegantly, with
Slight smiles and looking
Deep into each other’s eyes.

Or like Aubrey Hepburn and
Gregory Peck
Scooting around holding each other
Tightly, on our great Roman holiday.

Movie stars of that magnitude,
Never worry about the day to day
Necessities, mortgage or electric bills.

They just insouciantly reach into their billfolds and produce a crisp twenty dollar bill.

Like magic, there’s
No need to pay for gas
Or a perfect meal at a sunny
Sidewalk café.

To live so vicariously,
So nonchalantly,
So effortlessly,

While I’m
disquietly trying
to figure out

How I’m
Going to pay my next
Utility bill?