Write About Politics

by Samuel De Lemos

Write about politics she said.

Everything I write about is

Political in some way or another.

I’m influenced by my environment;

By the working class that once was

A Middle class neighborhood.

Every time I write about

politics it sounds preachy

And pedagogical.

Do I really have to restate how the mishandled economy is ruining everyone’s life?

How my business friends are barely making it.

Somehow, I find it crass to speak of these obvious things—

You want politics, pick up a newspaper, it’s filled with political tragedy.

Poetry should be reserved for the beautiful things in life,

The things worth living for:

The morning sunshine that sneaks through the blinds into my room.

The love I see in my children’s almond eyes.

The smell of garlic on
My sticky fingers.

The yearning sensation I experience when touching my


And that proud feeling I get when
A sentence comes together.