Helping Others | True Religion

by Samuel De Lemos

I have strong opinions about God
I’ve seen His work in my life
Because I’m a Jew, I can’t call him
A man.

Religion, emphasizes dogma over truth.
It separates people by what they believe.
Hair splitting exists in every
Belief. One can argue and counter
Argue until blue, none the wiser
One’s left.

Arguments never won a
Soul over to God,
it just creates
Friction between
You and me.

Helping people when they are down,
Without an agenda and asking
Anything in return,
That breaks the barriers, regardless
Of religious takes.

It’s a certain
Indicator you have God in your life.
When you love your fellow man whether
They believe in your views or not.

Show me you have God in your life,
I’ll show you a peaceful
And caring man, who lets others
Believe what they wish.

There are many roads that
Lead to God,
But very few ways to show that He
Truly operates in our lives.