Repository of Well Kept Memories

by Samuel De Lemos

I met a man yesterday—
Happy, effervescent, proud.

He cracked jokes like one
Cracks pistachios with
Salty fingers in
One’s mouth.

He told me he liked to
Gamble a little,
And drink a
Bit of whisky,
And that his Father
Helped him to roof
His sunroom addition.

I told him, I’d bring him a
Bottle of Bourbon, have a
Few drinks and
Shoot the breeze
With him.

He was born in
December of 1941,
Three days before Japan
Bombed Pearl Harbor, invaded
Wake Island and landed in
The Philippines.

He has a grand stretch of
Land—and has stories for
Every parcel found therein.

People store their campers,
Sail boats, and personal items

His daughter was storing her
Possessions, because she just
Went through a traumatic

Michael was storing his dilapidated
Sailboat. He wants to fix it up
One day and sail the
San Francisco Bay and
Perhaps live there too.

I’m storing my pop-up camper,
Because my twelve year business
Finally collapsed.

What Jerry really owns is a,
Repository of well
Kept memories.

They’re like ripe grapefruits
Jerry grows on his land—

“Ready to be picked”, he told me,
“some are bitter, some are sweet.”