My Words

Understanding the World through words

Divine Words

Divine words
Spoken through a
Fire that does not consume
From a plant in the wilderness
On a mountain in the sand
I Am Who I Will Say
I Will Be
I’ve heard your tears
The plight of your bondage
The day to day misery
I’ve witnessed in grief
The shackles of which you
Will finally break free
When I utter the words
Let My People Go
And come to
This holy mountain
To Worship Me
With your own
divine words.

With My Friend

The poetry I write is for you,

The words I tumble around in my
Mind and select are for you, my

When I’m inspired, it’s
For you, good friend.

I fuss exceedingly over
what I want to convey,
Replacing words, here and there,
Learning new ones too.

Recalling words uttered
Eloquently before.
I want to present them to you,
My dearest friend.

Capturing thoughts
Like a child
Captures a Monarch
For the first time,
On a sunny spring day.

Those lovely aromatic
Days when my mind
Isn’t cluttered
With uncertainty.

The days I often long for and
Wished you were there with me,
My splendid friend.

Who Will Advocate For Me

Who will advocate for me?
My heart is heavy
On this solemn winter night.

Who will advocate for me?
My hands are trembling
Not from cold during this
Dark evening’s quarrel.

Who will advocate for me?
I need my lover’s calming
Deep green eyes to help
Me mend.

Who will advocate for me?
Are my tears worth anything?
When I cry in the shadows
So no one can see.

Who will advocate for me?
When the bell tolls three
And I toss and turn,
Like a Fish caught in a net.

Who will advocate for me?