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God, I Need Another Life

God, I need another life,
Not because this one seems unfair, though
I’ve witnessed death, hunger and despair.

Not because, I’ve lived meagerly or seen
My share of injustice,
You know, there’s
Plenty of that to go around.

I need another life
Because, the one
I have, I foresee that
time is running out.

I have so much I want to learn,
And, there’s simply not enough time
In one mans life to grasp it all!

While Trying To Rival Your Hair: Luis De Góngora With Translation

Luis De Góngora


Mientras por competir con tu cabello,
Oro bruñido al sol relumbra en vano;
Mientras con menosprecio en medio el llano
Mira tu blanca frente el lirio bello;

Mientras a cada labio, por cogerlo,
Siguen más ojos que al clavel temprano,
Y mientras triunfa con desdén lozano
Del luciente cristal tu gentil cuello;

Goza cuello, cabello, labio y frente,
Antes que lo que fue en tu edad dorada
Oro, lirio, clavel, cristal luciente,

No sólo en plata o vïola troncada
Se vuelva, más tu y ello juntamente
En tierra, en polvo, en humo, en sombra, en nada.

Luis de Góngora


While trying to rival your hair,
Gold burnished by the sun, shines in vain.
Disdainfully, in the midst of the plain,
Observes the lovely lily your forehead so fair;

While each lip attempts, to seize them,
More than one view follows youthful carnations,
And with triumphant and vivacious disdain,
Of lucent crystal your genteel neck is made;

Rejoice neck, hair, lips and forehead,
Before it becomes your gilded age
Gold, lily, carnation, lucent crystal,

Not only in silver or snipped violet
Does become, but you, together, all
Into dirt, into dust, into smoke, into shadow,
Into nothingness.
(Translated by Samuel de Lemos)