I Thirst For Relief

by Samuel De Lemos

(Painting by Vincent Van Gogh)

As my eyes stare into the
Mirror of my heart. It is
With fear and dread,
That I return
To Thee my empty cup.

My soul languishes.

Tears of despair
And melancholy sighs,
I do solemnly heave.
Chastised, broken man of
Sorrows, my bones grow
Soft and brittle.

I thirst for relief–
Like the wondering Bedouin
Who lost in the Negev,
Searches for cool water and
Fresh gentle shade.

Instead, death serenades me
Like the soft whispers of
Falling rain on parched and
Obstinate ground.

I cannot raise my
Hands any longer, they’re
Weighed down by my
Many troubles.

Naked, I arrived as
I’ve been run
Aground from
Birth until now.

So, naked I’ll depart
Henceforth, with
My head bowed
Low to the ground.