My Words

Understanding the World through words

Quantum Physics and Tai Chi


Algorithms affect me, with

formulas and complexities, while

walking down Columbus Street,

In a early morning daze.

I join

the tai chi class.

Mimicking, I sway


my hands cut the sky.

Crouching dragon with fluid

movement and with

mathematical precision,

I glide.

In a urine stained park.

Distant bells toll while

pigeons are feeding.

Feeling the movement of time,

Salty air and foghorns are

splitting through the morning breeze.

The multiple voices and sway of a City.

Captured in a moment of tranquility.

While slowly moving,

my mind tuned to

the quiet elegance

found in quantum physics.

As I turn,

like a Sufi mystic, to catch my breath

and take one more step

while moving in sync.

On Dante


On a desolate
I found myself
reading Dante
A long time ago.

The weight of the
book clasped in
white fisted
a double grip.

Surrounded by mountains
on either side.

While the black
of the typeface
was juxtaposed
against the white
nebulous sky.

I start a fire to keep
myself warm.

Under the heavens,
I stoked the fire with
The Poet’s own words.

The fire roared
Shamefully, I recall
On that distant
winter day.

Standing naked
before my father;

Riddled with guilt, and
warmed by the
fire I had staunchly

For a time I percieved
that the poets’s words
went back to the inferno.

I’m mistaken,
the inferno
I built—

is the
I store in me.